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This is Jack Klugman. My kid keeps getting me into things I don’t know anything about — first it was websites, then Podcasts, now BLOGS! When I think back to when my career started, it seems impossible that I would  one day end up as a "pod", on a website, inside a "blog", partnering with an organization like Major League Baseball, but here I am. And I gotta tell you, it feels GREAT!

How many guys get a shot like this at 83 years old? I’ve got a new book out called Tony and Me, I’m on a book tour around the country and I’m in better shape than I’ve been in my life. What else do I need?

Listen to the "podcasts" (my son tells me that’s a real word) and tell me what you think. Recently, Adam got me into a recording studio and had me tell all the stories he grew up with (suddenly he’s interested again!). He says you can listen to them on the computer. He also says people like them. That’s all I care about. If I can give the people who have supported me all these years something they can enjoy, then I’m happy.

Thanks to MLB for being making it happen. This is gonna be fun. Also…any questions?

Jack Klugman


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  1. Kellia

    Hey, Jack!

    Welcome to our blogoshpere! Oscar Madison was a Mets fan. What team or teams do you root for?

    Are you still involved in horse racing?

    You are definitely into the modern era with Podcasts. I’m only 50 and a radiojournalist, but I still haven’t done a podcast. So if you are doing them at 83, I guess I ought to try, huh?

    There’s a lot of good people blogging here. Give us a visit as you have the time.

    Glad to hear you are in good shape.


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


  2. ktmcervoni@msn.com

    Mr. Klugman,
    Great to see you and your son collaborating on the web. Plan to get your book/DVD. I was wondering if you have a favorite three comedy shows of all time. My Dad and I would list Odd Couple, Barney Miller, and Seinfeld. Thank you. Tom

  3. sportnutz2001@optonline.net

    Mr. Klugman,
    So glad to hear your doing great.. You and Tony have made me laugh for over 30 years ,, Thank you.. sorry I missed u guys on broadway in the sunshine boys.. I know Tony was even better on stage (his love)..I have a few questions for u

    1. Is there any plans for the Odd Couple on DVD?

    2. When will you be on Long Island for a book signing and where?

    And Remember

    “the fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves” shakespear.

    “a foolish consistancy is the hobgobblin of little minds”


    Classic stuff from 2 classy guys.

    Hope to see you in New York,

    take care and god bless,


  4. shazoo418@yahoo.com

    Hi Jack- It’s wonderful to see you on here,
    I”m sure you get this all the time but I have to say it anywayI LOVED you in the Odd Couple (and all of those twilight zones you did-especially the one with Jonathan Wintersin the pool hall)

    We have some common thread-my mother grew up on the same black in Brooklyn as your niece Lynn…….

    I was wondering if you really are a Mets fan-

    if you are I would be honored for you to read my column @ mets.mostvaluablenetwork.com-feel free to write me and post any comments, I’d love ot hear your thoughts on the team.

    PS: Arastophanes is RIDICULOUS!!!!

  5. aliebson@palio.com

    Hi Jack
    It’s great to be able to write to you and know that there’s a good chance you’ll be reading it. I want to thank you for all the pleasure you’ve brought me and countless fans with your great acting, both comedic and dramatic. The last time I saw you was that PRICELESS appearance on Brother’s Keeper, when you and Tony teamed up one last time, as garage owners. One of the things I thank God for, along with Phil Silvers’s final appearance at the end of a Happy Days episode. I too would like to know what sports teams you root for (Metsies, I hope!). It was a pleasure and honor to write to you. God bless Felix and Oscar (Tony & Jack) forever. Al

  6. shazoo418@yahoo.com

    Hi Again Jack-

    I forgot to ask you one burning question that has been on my mind for years-

    In Quincy (No I’m not going to ask what the R. initial stood for) in the episode you did with Jessica Walter called “Mirror Twins” she & her twin had their vital organs on the opposite side of their bodies-is that really possible?

    I figured the writers must have researched alot of these things- but I have never heard of a person’s heart being located on the right side of their body.

    Just curious. I promise anything else I ask you will be baseball related LOL.

  7. rosspaulhewittrobinson1987@yahoo.co.uk

    Hi Jack

    My name is Ross and I am a great fan of yours, I have been since I was 16, I first saw you in Quincy M.E, which was on Uk television in 2003, show repeats of the Quincy Episodes and I got well into the series and still love the show, Now I’m 18 and I’ve seen more of your work and I think, What a great guy he is and it’s true Jack, you are a fantastic actor. I’ve just bought your book “Tony & Me”. I haven’t read it yet, I’ve had a flick through some of it and I must say to you, that the words in that book you have said about Tony are spot on and it’s true that he was a great friend to you. I truly miss the great, amazing actor, he made me laugh as well as you.

    The Odd Couple, I must say, what a great series that is. I absoultely loved the show, I loved all the episodes and one of my favourites is “The Sleepwalker” episode where you Sleepwalk as you hear Tony (Felix) saying I don’t like Pits, In my juice and then you hit him across the head. I completely loved both characters. I will always say this if anyone comes up with the subject about team workers in acting, who was one of the best partners to work together and I will always say that You & Tony were one of the best and the top best as well as the other greatest ones such as Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau (Who are also my favourites) Morcambe & Wise etc:

    I still miss Tony as a great actor as well as the other fans. I know how hard it feels to lose such a good friend as my dad feels the same way with his brother.

    When I turned 18 this year, I have spent more time with my dad than ever. He has 3 sons (me, and my 2 brothers) When my 2 brothers had their 18th, my dad asked them if they want to go out with my dad on their 18th birthday and they didn’t bother. Maybe they thought they get embarassed by my dad, but when I turned 18, my dad asked me and I promised him that I would go out on my 18th, with my dad and I did that for him. That’s why now I feel more close to my dad, Me and him are just like another Oscar & Felix, Another Odd Couple. We make each other laugh through each day and I’m sure you and Tony did. My dad does have alot left in his life yet, but when the time does come, I know that this will be so hard to accept and that no one would know as much as myself how such a close, and bestest friend that my dad was to me, which is basiclly the same for you because No one realized how much Tony was a friend to you and I know it must have been difficult to accept, My dad felt the same with his brother.

    I last saw you on Larry King Live when you talked about your new book. It was great to see the fantastic you again. I wish you all the best for the future Jack. Keep laughing as it made me laugh when you were in Quincy M.E and The Odd Couple. All the best mate.

    God Bless

    From one of your fans.

    Ross Robinson

  8. heroldgreen@yahoo.com

    I cannot believe that I, Tina Berkley, am writing to one of the best actors that ever hit stage or screen! I am a HUGE Twilight Zone fan and I know that you was in 4 of them. I watche “In Praise of Pip” and I cannot sit through your riviting performance without crying! (Take me, Take meee)! I also love you as Joey Crown, and I am crazy about Ross Martin whom I know you were paired up with in Death Ship. Ahhh, A Game of Pool!!! luv it! I will be looking out for an autographed copy of your book on ebay! That’s how I found one of Eli Wallachs “The Good, The Bad, and Me” He is my “other” favorite actor. Would you say I have good taste? Love you Jack! Tina from Seattle

  9. antmas@ptd.net

    Dear Mr. Klugman, I can’t tell you how excited my wife and I are about your book, Tony and I. I just received an e-mail confirmation of shipment. The Odd Couple is one of our all time favorites. Tony Randall and you were absolutely perfect together. Also, your wonderful performances in the Twilight Zone episodes were the best. Take care Jack, Wishing you all the best. Tony and Mary Lou from NorthEast PA.

  10. shazoo418@yahoo.com

    Hi Again Jack-JUst wanted to let you know I ordered a copy of your book-I can’t wait to read it!

    Here’s a baseball question for you:-Do you think the Mets will land Manny Ramirez?

    I didn’t think they would, but I can’t believe that they just traded Mike Cameron for Xavier Nagy without more forthought.


  11. doadee.del42@fsmail.net

    Hi Jack.

    This is dale from england. when I found out that you had a website I was absolutely overjoyed.

    I remember first seeing one of your films in the late 60,s I was just a boy back then.

    I always loved the odd couple, as I,ve always felt it was very close too the 1968 film which in itself was amazing.

    Iam so happy that you are well now, and hope you make many more films, I still wish we could make them like back in the 60’s before it got to bad.

    I would like to ask you is there any way that I could please get a signed photo of you, I would really love one.

    All the best jack.

    Best wishers


  12. hkdonbks21@aol.com

    Hi Jack. Just discovered your blog and am so happy to see that you are still young at heart. My stepfather, John Ramsey, worked with you and Tony on the Odd Couple and I can’t count the hours I spent there watching. What a great experience it was for me. Just ordered your book and hope to have it read soon. God bless and keep you. Kathi

  13. helen.percival1@virgin.net

    Hi Mr.Klugman,
    It is wonderful to be able to talk to you like this, thank you for embracing the technology and taking the time and trouble to blog.

    I’m from the UK and currently getting to enjoy Quincy M.E. all over again as it re-runs on ITV3. I was just a kid when I saw it first time round and though I really enjoyed it, it’s only now watching the series again that I realise what a brave show it was, tackling some difficult policies,laws and mindsets head on. You and the great team who created it must be very proud, because Quincy M.E,(certainly in my case), inspired a generation to get off their backsides and use their logic to question and tackle injustices.

    I wish the UK television executives would let us enjoy The Odd Couple, I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen an episode, but that won’t stop me investing in your book. Friendship, true friendship is a rare and precious thing, which is why I’m looking forward to reading about yours and Tonys history together, it’s great that you have chosen to share and celebrate it.

    Keep well Jack,

    Best wishes and the greatest respect,


  14. carolinemanns@aol.com

    Hi Mr Klugman.
    You really must get bored of hearing how many fans you have in the UK, and just how much of an impression you made on some of us as “Quincy”!

    I know, I know – it was only a character, and you may not be anything like that in real life, but just so you know (if you were ever in any doubt!) you have inspired literally millions of us over the years.

    I was 5/6 when I started watching the show. I had to beg my parents to let me watch it! My Dad (himself a fan)taught me a lot about morality and integrity, and unfortunately I lost him at a fairly young age. Watching the re-runs now brings back many happy memories and keeps the other moral cruisaser in my life! I still love it now -my 10 year old son does too!

    You’ve got me into a few scrapes in my time I have to say! Sometimes standing up for what you believe in, and refusing to be intimidated by what others think, isn’t easy. But as “Quincy”, you taught us that doing the right thing, isn’t always the easy thing – but that shouldn’t stop you doing it anyway! In these uncertain times, integrity, kept promises and kindness can be hard to find sometimes. Who knows – if we remember those values and instill them into our children, maybe the world has a chance?

    As well as people, you have inspired so many other drama’s too, and as much as I love Gil and Horatio (what do you think of them by the way?), there will only ever be one forensic man of integrity – and that sir, is you!

    Thank you so much for so many years of education and enjoyment.

    I shall go out and buy your book this weekend – and that, is a promise!

    Thank you again Mr Klugman – you are a true legend! I hope you know that?

    With very best wishes always sir, your fan,Caroline.

  15. wen_va6@bigpond.net.au

    Hi Mr Klugman
    Have to congratulate you on knowing what a podcast is in the first place, as i don’t have one or own one, and it’s great that you have young people around you who can show you. I’ve loved your shows since i was about 7 or 8 am now in my mid-40’s, and have since got cable tv (i live in Australia), we used to get your shows (the Odd Couple,and Quincy ME) in the late to early 70’s and 80’s here on general tv, then we got cable in the late 80’s or early 90’s (not sure now how long it’s been around here), only just been able to afford it. Anyway, really loved it back then,(from what i remembered that is), and love seeing it all again now…also good to see in that episode of Diagnosis Murder..was a bit shocked at hearing your voice though..I think Quincy was great in that the show covered a lot of subjects that around that era were pretty touchy…like domestic violence, and drugs, and the ones about the local clinics and the paramedics…we do get shows like csi,(the whole lot)and all the others, but i don’t think they tackle the big issues so much (well, maybe ER a bit in the begining)..maybe they’re restricted in that way now?

    Well, have always admired you as an actor, and am glad that you’re still going strong…all the best for the future..

    kindest regards


  16. wallachbrett@aol.com

    Jack, if you read this…you were always my favorite actor, and having grown up in Philly and having probably a similar background made me connect with you that much more. I even wanted to be a sportswriter like Oscar when I was a kid and “The Odd Couple”, my favorite TV show when I was growing up, was in its first run (why aren’t its reruns on more?). Anyway…hope you are doing well and are with us for long, long time.

  17. chris40luv@verizon.net

    Mr. Klugman – As promised, your picture is now sitting on my desk at my job in New Brunswick. (You were kind enough to pose with me at the book signing after “The Value of Names” at the George Street Playhouse in NB – you have created such a happy memory for me every time I see the theatre,(which is every day). I would love to e-mail it to you as a happy New Year reminder of the show. Let me know!

    By the way, I loved Tony and Me. I read it Thanksgiving night IN ONE SITTING. Could not put it down. Tony would have loved it – as well as the performance you gave in “The Value of Names” If you ever wonder if you still ‘got it’ as an actor, not to worry – your comedic timing is still better than ever – along with bringing out the best in your fellow actors. (They let me know that too – we talked a bit after the show).

    Anyway, my sincere thanks for a very special evening and a very special photo! (Blondes must bring out the best in you!)

    PS – Let’s go Yankees! Still would love a subway series though – nothing like it. Some of my favorite people are Mets fans!

  18. john.morali@am.sony.com


    I am a huge fan of all your work. I bought your book as Christmas gift (to myself) and I read it from cover to cover. I just ordered the Odd Couple 1st season on DVD from Amazon and I can’t wait to get it. Question: One of my all time favorite Twilight Zones is ” a game of pool “. Was it your favorite episode ? Did you enjoy working with Jonathan Winters and Rod Serling ?


  19. rsmith9899@aol.com

    Happy Birthday, Jack! Loved your book. Any luck on having a Quincy tv movie?

    I’m a big Odd Couple and Quincy ME fan, as well as a fan of your earlier work.

  20. anniegal53@yahoo.com

    Many thanks for all the years of wonderful acting. The Odd Couple was and is my all-time favorite television show and the laughs have gotten me through some very difficult times. I also loved you and Tony in The Sunshine Boys and treasure the signed poster from the show. You were also brilliant in Quincy and so many other shows.

    Thank you for so much laughter. You are an amazing actor. I hope you are in good health and will post to the blog soon. We missed you — and loved the book!


  21. pelmetguy@aol.com

    Hi Jack,
    I’ve just registered as I’m so pleased to have found your blog. You no doubt have read many comments from people who have enjoyed your films and shows throughout the years, well I’m no different.

    I watch Quincy almost every day and regularly enjoy my old favourite ‘The Odd Couple’ probably each time we go off in our little camper.

    I have really enjoyed your work over the years Jack, I will look forward to reading your book and in the meantime please accept my best wishes


  22. jhobbs@cogeco.ca

    Jack. I must say that my first exposure to you was as Jurur#5 in 12 Angry Men. That film inspired me into theatre. I have performed in many amateur productions (never professionally). I currently work in the technical end of theatre. I was excited to hear that you were planning to appear in “The Value of Names” again. Then I heard it was cancelled. I was wondering if you were planning another film appearance.

    BTW, I finally got to appear in 12 Angry Men myself. Jurur#3.


  23. alecsfm@gmail.com

    hi Jack! I just checkd out what you were doing after seing a re-run of… Quincy! Nothing beats the predecessor of all CSIs! I wish you a long happy life!

  24. jro357@comcast.net

    My husband and I are such HUGE fans !! We were so thrilled to be able to purchase the entire set of the Odd Couple on dvd and we have been watching them all the time ! Everynight !
    I’m going to purchase the book for my husband also.
    Just recently my husband and I were in New York and we went to the apartment building that Oscar and Felix lived and ask the doorman if Oscar was home…. LOL !!!
    Keep up the good work and Thank you so much for keeping us Laughing still !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ritch

    I hope this reaches you and you’re able to reply as I’m desperately seeking your advice. I read on WIkipedia that you were diagnosed with throat cancer in 1974 and had cancer surgery in 1989. I’m currently experiencing the same diagnosis and I have a new ENT doctor who claims he operated on your throat..a Dr. “T”. Should I trust him? Did you have no treatment from the time you were diagnosed until you had your surgery? I loved seeing you as Herbie in “Gypsy”. In 1972, I, too played Herbie in a dinner theatre production. Is it possible that Herbie has a throat cancer plague on those of us who played him? (Joking).

  26. Sarah-Ann

    I have been a fan of yours since junior high. Fell in love with Dr. Quincy and never lost the love. Your passion made me want to be a doctor. Life made other choices for me but it couldn’t take away my interest.. .and at times, obsession, with human nature and the human body. Thank you. Thanks to Netflix (ask your son) I have been able to renew the love affair. You are still loved my old friend.

  27. Kathy

    I love Jack Klugman and I am watching him right now on the odd couple on me tv.
    I wish the odd couple and quincy was on longer. I know he is 90 years old now and I hope he is in good health. You made people laugh and cry. You and Tony Randall
    made a great pair. LOL Your the Best.

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