Ask Jack!


Welcome to the first episode of "Ask Jack!" I appreciate the comments my fellow MLBloggers have been leaving here while I’ve been on this book-signing tour for Tony and Me, and here are some responses while in Kansas City for a signing today:

Hey, Jack! Welcome to our blogoshpere! Oscar Madison was a Mets fan. What team or teams do you root for? Are you still involved in horse racing? — Kellia/Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

Minijack_1Kellia, "involved" is the right word for it! It’s been a long relationship with a lot of ups and downs, but the love is still there. I’ve got a new filly and a new colt that are going to start racing next year and I’m very excited. I’ve promised myself I won’t die until I win the Kentucky Derby.

Mr. Klugman, great to see you and your son collaborating on the Web. Plan to get your book/DVD. I was wondering if you have a favorite three comedy shows of all time? — Tom

Minijack_2Tom, I would say that some of my favorite shows were probably before your time. Shows like "Playhouse 90," "The Defenders" . . . old-fashioned stuff that was more like theater than modern television. Of all time? Definitely "The Honeymooners." Art Carney and Jackie Gleason were both friends of mine and they were brilliant together! As for today’s shows . . . of course, "Seinfeld." But most of the shows I watch these days are being done by HBO. I love "The Sopranos" because I grew up around those some of those guys and know how true to life it is. I loved the first few years of "Six Feet Under." Great writing, great ensemble acting. And "Entourage" is starting to get really fun. For sure, HBO is doing some the best work on television.

Mr. Klugman, so glad to hear you’re doing great. You and Tony have made me laugh for over 30 years. Are there any plans for "The Odd Couple" on DVD?

Minijack_3Well, George, I can’t talk too much about this. But I can say that there’s talk. Hopefully in 2006. Take the poll on this website and let Paramount know what you think! It might help move it along.

Hi Jack- It’s wonderful to see you on here. I was wondering if you really are a Mets fan?

Minijack_4Even though I’m from Philly, my teams are often New York based (sorry Philly). I like to say I’m a Mets/Yankees fans because I really am. But you asked if would I like to see the Mets take The Series in seven before I die? I’d say . . . you BET!

Hi Again Jack-
I forgot to ask you one burning question that has been on my mind for years: In "Quincy," in the episode you did with Jessica Walter called "Mirror Twins" she and her twin had their vital organs on the opposite side of their bodies . . . is that really possible? –

Minijack_5Based on the research we did then, it was entirely possible. When I did "Quincy," I would never base a plot twist on a made-up medical excuse. That’s for guys like Glen Larson.

I cannot believe that I, Tina Berkley, am writing to one of the best actors that ever hit stage or screen! I am a HUGE "Twilight Zone" fan and I know that you were in 4 of them. I watched "In Praise of Pip" and I cannot sit through your riviting performance without crying! Love you Jack! Tina from Seattle

Minijack_6Tina, you’re too kind. It’s because of people like you I’ve been able to make a living in this business. Thanks for your loyalty.



  1. Carl

    Hey Jack,

    Probably seen every episode of “The Odd Couple”. You had a lot of guest stars over the years, my favorite guest appearance being the one with Howard Cosell. I think there were two with him (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyway, I was always intrigued by him as a personality. I would love to hear any anectdotes you have about working with him on the show. I especially love the scene when Cosell brings you into the Monday Night Football booth to embarass you because you wrote a critical article about him. Was all of that scripted, any of it improvised. I still laugh when I think about Tony Randall grabbing the microphone and doing his very dramatic and non-sports like play by play (hard to imagine that was all in the script. Unbelievable writers if it was).

    Fellow MLB Blogger

    Carl Shimkin

    (Inside Pitch)





    Jack- Thanks so much for answering those questions-I’ve wondered about those things for so many years-Especially the mirror twins thing.

    You are truly one of my favorites!

    All due respect to Mr. Mathau-you will always be Oscar to me.

    Here is another one for you-did you realize that the writers for the Odd Couple had at least 3 different story lines as to how Felix & Oscar met? Once as jurors, Once as kids, and once in the Army-did you and Tony Randall ever get upset with that? especially since the writing for the show was so great and usually so intelligient?



    Jack – I know you must be tired of hearing it, but PLEASE know that you have many, many fans waiting impatiently for The Odd Couple to be released on DVD. I have an extensive collection of televisions shows on DVD, but would not hesitate to throw away each and every one to have the entire Odd Couple Series.
    My best to you,



    Hi again Jack-I just finished your book-what a great read-a very touching tribute to your friend the great Tony Randall. I really enjoyed it.



    Hi Jack:

    I just finished your book and was very touched. Of course the DVD was also a great deal of fun to watch. With millions of others, I was a very big Odd Couple fan in the 1970s.

    In the early 1990s, I taped about 40-50 reruns along with reruns of the Honeymooners. The day I heard that Tony had passed away I grabbed one of the tapes and put it on. The episode that I randomly put on was the one when Oscar took the money that Felix had given him to purchase a cemetary plot, and instead placed a bet. As you remember at the end of the episode Felix decided to focus on life, full and complete, and not death or his lost plot. As Felix would say, how ironic that this was the episode that I saw on the day or day after Tony’s passing.

    Also I want to thank you for your performance in the Twilight Zone episode “In Praise of Pip.” The love which you showed to that child was something to date I have never seen so powerful on any TV show or movie. My wife and I have two sons (5 and 11 years old) and I have focused on trying to show to them my love with the same enthusiasm which you portrayed in that episode.

    Thank you,



    Mr. Klugman:

    You, Sir, are a legend in the entertainment world. I’ve enjoyed seeing your great performances on several Twilight Zone episodes, 12 Angry Men, Quincy, and, of course, The Odd Couple.

    As much as I enjoyed Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau for their performances in The Odd Couple, I believe you and Mr. Randall made these characters come to life.

    To me, “Odd Couple” and “M*A*S*H” are the only two T.V. shows that I can think of that had outdone their broadway and/or movie versions.

    *** Here’s my question, if you don’t mind: Did you serve in one of the branches of the U.S. Military before or during the beginning of your acting career? Where did you serve, and what was the timeframe?

    Thank you, Sir, for your time, and for your great work over the years – really miss seeing you now. These actors today, by and large, are so “limited” compared to actors like you.

    God bless you and yours – take care.


    John Carey


    U.S. ARMY


    Hi Jack!
    I’m a life-long fan, as my mom and I both shared a crush on Quincy when I was about five… Now, however, I think I am even more partial to Juror Number 5.

    It pleases me to no end that you blog. I did a criminal forensics degree (with no small thanks to Quincy, ME, I am sure), but I am now working on a PhD in the portrayal of Jewish-Americans in film. Things like this are a great resource for me. What do you think on the topic? Do you think about how roles you have played can contribute to “Jewishness” in North America?

    Either way, I am a huge fan, and if I ever get out of school and get a real job the first thing I will do is buy Quincy on DVD. How’s it coming with getting The Odd Couple out there?



    (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)


    Hello Mr. Klugman,

    I recently re-discovered your appearances on The Twilight Zone during this year’s marathon, and I was wondering if you provided any commentary for the DVD release? If not, you should dedicate a podcast to it (if you haven’t already), it would be fascinating to hear stories about your experiences on the show.

    Also, as a diehard Red Sox fan, I couldn’t help but notice your loyalties…I was wondering how you felt about Johnny Damon’s little switch and his new status as the Judas of baseball.

    Holla back,


    (Washington, D.C.)


    Hello Mr. Klugman-
    I was a big fan of your show “Quincy”. I particularly remember the show in which you got married and your bride sang her vows to you. I am getting married soon (yep, even at my age!!) and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use those vows? If so, where can I get the words? Thanks


    Phoenix, AZ


    Dear Mr Klugman,

    I was very very happy to recieve my copy of Tony and Me this very day. I sat down to begin to read it and before I knew it I was done! I loved every page of it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of friendship and support. Plus those Odd Couple outtakes were HILARIOUS!!!

    I remember when you and Mr. Randall did “The Sunshine Boys”. I was fortunate to have not only seen it, but to have had the audacity (!) to sneak backstage with a girlfriend of mine and wait to meet you and Mr. Randall.

    When you did come out and notice us, we were so embarrassed to have intruded on your party. We blushed and explained that we didn’t really belong there – and you smiled so warmly and you listened to both of us individually tell you how much we loved you and how we watched you for years as both Oscar and Quincy. I’ll never forget that you took that time to hug us both and sign our playbills. Mr. Randall signed them as well and it remains to this day one of my favorite possessions.

    I watched the Odd Couple when I was very little and it exposed me to sports and opera. I still love them both. I wanted to be just like Oscar when I grew up. Well, I’m a slob and a writer so I guess I made it. (I also play a mean game of poker)

    Sorry this is so long. Thanks again for the book and the wonderful memory.



    Jack: My wife and I already have our tickets for your Sarasota performance in March and are looking forward to it. Will you have your book available for purchase there and will you personal sign copies? Thanks


    Hi Jack,just thought i’d drop you a line from Bonnie Scotland.I am a thirtysomething who absolutely adores you,as an actor,writer and even the odd song or two.One of our local tv stations is rerunning the full series of Quincy and it’s grrrrrreat!!!.And pleae can i just say that you look even more sexy now as you were then!Thanks Jack,love Kirsty xx


    Hi Mr. Klugman,

    Congratulations on your new book and your wonderful ongoing career.

    My family is from Philly and we have a “family legend” that we’re related to you. (Let me preface by saying we’re definitely not after your money! :))

    Are you by any chance related to Zeemans or Greenbergs from Philly?

    Best always,



    Hi Jack,
    I love Quincy. And I love you in everything I see you in. I am finding new things with you in them all the time. Will you be doing anything in the Sacramento, CA area?

    I hope you don’t take offense to this, but you remind me so much of my grandfather who passed away in ’97. And now I find that you have this BIG baseball site. My grandfather was a big BB fan. Part owner of a team called the Solans a semi-pro team and scouting for many a professional team and playing triple A before being called off to WW2.

    Do you accept old fashioned fan mail? I would like to purchase an autograph from you it would mean a lot to me.




    Dear Jack,
    I skimmed the book but it’s one you can’t put down. I was in stitches with the DVD.

    Let me know where I can send it to you for a personalized signing and a pix of you. You and Tony seemed to have a wonderful friendship. We need more people like you two in this world! My Dad loved sports alot and used to go to Las Vegas to sit and watch the sports only. He wouldn’t gamble or anything. My Dad has been gone 12 yrs. My Mom went with him and she gambled. You and Tony were near his age..and I loved you two on the show so very much.

    And that was in prime time when I was a kid! I have Elinor Donahue’s book and she was on your show also.. thank you for the Odd Couple!

    Sue L.


    Dear Mr Klugman,

    I was delighted to come across this website. At an age of 37, you have always been a part of my television viewing, from The Twilight Zone to The Odd Couple and my personal favorite, Quincy M.E. I still watch Quincy every day here in Australia and never tire of it – just a wonderful show.

    I often walk past a barbers shop in Melbourne’s China Town – your photo has been in their window for as long as I can remember! Always nice to see.

    Thanks for all of your great performances over the years.

    Wishing you good health,

    Ross Bates.


    Hello Mr. Klugman –
    I’ve been a fan since the ODD COUPLE series and have just read your book. I always had the feeling that you and Tony kept each other close in your hearts – and it was a joy reading your affirmation of that. Great comedy “timing” just doesn’t “happen” unless you put your heart in it. I see the same kind of kinship whenever I watch key comic scenes with Andy Griffith and the late Don Knotts. You and Tony were (and are) a great team…it even comes through on the album you guys did. Believe it or not, in the early 1980’s, Tony was still plugging it, although it was long out of print. In 1982 I saw him on late night TV (Carson or Lettermen) doing “When Banana Skins Are Falling.” A couple months later, I fell of my chair when I saw David Lettermen flash the album in front of you when you were a guest. Your comment was something like “I don’t even want to talk about it – they gave the albums away at gas stations!” The contrast was what made everything that much more funny to me. It’s good to know it worked and it was real! That’s what made it so remarkable. Keep sharing the love and I’m sorry I missed you in Rochester last Autumn!



    Hi Jack Klugman
    I would just like to say that i have always been a fan of yours ever since i saw you in 12 Angry Men ,I put you up there with all the great actors ,you have a great charactor for getting your point over,i would’nt like to get on the wrong side of you in an argument.

    I hope the book goes sky high for you.

    Best of luck Mike Naylor England UK.


    Dear Mr Klugman, just came accross this site whilst searching the web. Have to admit to being a fan of your tv series Quincy though unfortunately I am only old enough to have watched it during the re runs in the united kingdom in the nineties. In some ways Quincy encouraged me to join my current profession as a police officer in the uk, although fortunately have never fainted during a pm.Was just wondering whether it was possible to buy a signed photograph for my study at home. Thank you once again Dave


    I have enjoyed both the odd couple & quincy along with many other shows you have appeared in.

    I got to ask any chance you will do a quincy movie? I and many of your fans would love to see another movie! Later Bruce


    Jack, I am so thankful your health is improving. I have enjoyed your tv shows,most of all Quincy. We have a small dinner theatre here in pocahontas,arkansas(ne)that really pretty nice. I thought I would throw idea out. We’re just a bunch of hillbillies. Have you ever been to arkanas? Hope every goes great for you KIM


    Hi Mr Klugman, Just watched the radio show on mlb just then, so sorry now i know what happened to your voice…i think there was something about it years ago on the news that you had cancer, and i think thats’ all we heard about here in Australia…(unless you were on the ‘Net’ then to know any different). Also i think i got my years slightly wrong when i say your shows here, would have a bit older i think..its’ a while back you know:) Am glad that your Odd couple series is on DVD now…
    Thanks for taking time out in your busy life….Wendy


    I just wanted to say Thanks!

    My 5 kids and I still to this day love Q m.d. and odd couple. My kids are 22,19,8,6,3

    My 8 yr old and I especially love Qunicey.

    Thank you for making movies we all can watch and enjoy still to this day πŸ™‚



    Dear Mr. Klugman,

    My brother and I grew up watching the Odd Couple. It was and is still our favorite show. It is funny how as you grow up you can still appreciate it. It is truly timeless. You and Mr. Randall were wonderful… Thank you for this gem. I am now introducing my daughter to The Odd Couple, she too is now a fan. We love you!

    Nancy and Olivia


    Dear Mr. Klugman,

    I grew up watching the Odd Couple, the interplay between Oscar and Felix was a true demonstration of friendship between two very different individuals, in some ways that interplay is why I embrace the differences between people!

    I suppose (and my long suffering wife will attest to this) that I am a true “Oscar” – looking around my office as I type this, I must have modeled my “decorating” after the desk in your “TV Land” appartment!

    I just want to thank you for a lifetime of entertainment – of making us think – and of making us laugh – and for the strength you’ve shown in your battle with cancer.

    As a Philadelphian, it makes me pround to know that you’re from the same little town that I came from.

    Be well –



    Hello Mr. Klugman. I had the honor to see both you and Tony Randall performing a reading of “The Odd Couple” at the Shubert (New Haven CT)about 5 years ago. Growing up a HUGE fan of the show it was an absolutely wonderful experience! Thank you so much for the years of laughter. As you received that night at the Shubert, I give you sir, a standing ovation now! You are the BEST of the BEST! Warmest Wishes! Melissa


    Hi Jack, my name’s Chris and I’m from the UK,it’s a privilege to be writing to you. I’m a HUGE Quincy fan,and have been for years, I’m pleased to say it’s still shown regularly o cable & satellite TV. I would like to say how much I enjoy watching you. Do you have any plans to visit the UK at all?


    Mr Klugman I’m also from the UK & just wanted to say how delighted I am to see you on here.
    I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for some enduring memories.

    When I was a little girl, my Dad had to work long hours and it was always late when he got home, so I didn’t see him much; but when he got home we would sit down and watch quincy M.E. together. It was very special.

    Now I am a busy hardworking mother of two small children (4yrs & 6months) I don’t get a lot of time to watch much TV at all, but I DO make time to sit down put my feet up & watch Quincy with a nice cup of tea. That’s “my time”.

    Also it reminds me of those times I used to watch it with my Dad. Which is nice because I now live quite far from him & he hasn’t been well lately.

    So again, thank you very much and congratulations on your new book.


    Oh just one last thing which I forgot in my previous post, I have just seen you in an episode of Diagnosis Murder with **** Van **** where you had poisoned the surgeon, great to see you both in the same show! could you tell me when you filmed that episode? – Nikki


    Hello Jack
    I am an absolutely huge fan of yours, and Quincy M.E. and just wanted to say hello!

    I love all the 70s investagative programmes;Columbo,Rockford files etc, but Quincy was the best!! You will be pleased to know that you are on my fridge door !! (magnet!) I was always really impressed with Quincey’s boat, was it as cool as it looked? And how are you doing now after your throat cancer? That must have been a really sad time for you, have you managed to stop smoking? I stopped myself 7 weeks ago . Best wishes & love

    Kim G.-Surrey, England


    Dear Mr Klugman, In Aug. 1981 my daughter was an extra on Quincy at an equestrian therapy center. (Boy sees murder > mute) She left shortly for college and never saw that show. I’ve tried to find it but it is not listed on web. I’d love to buy that episode (Fall 1981) or somehow get it for her for Christmas. Can you help? Thanks a million.


    Mr. Klugman, as a (Much) younger person years ago I watched you in “The Odd Couple” and as Quincy, M.E.–which to that end you had motivated me into the medical field (Interupted by a car accident– now a paramedic, never quite went all the way back to med-school).

    Now I have two young daughters that have heard me speak of that part of your career as Quincy. Here is a thought now directed to you that came from a 10 year old.

    Would you play a part in one of the CSI shows, one of her favorite things to watch, if they were reviewing one of Quincy’s past investigations? Say an unsolved case? (*shrugs- that last part is my input)

    I have told her that probably not since it Quincy came on another network. But I promised to pass this question on, now I have! (I feel lucky to be able to attempt this)


    Hi Mr. Klugman; I have recently acquired and shown my kids the first two seasons of “Quincy”, and they love it. I can honestly say that my Grandmother and you(as Quincy) attributed to the desire to seek out and learn what I don’t know. My motto is “If I know it I’ll tell you, if I don’t know I’ll find out.” I have know illusions that Quincy was a character you play very well but the question that begs the asking is,”How much Quincy is in Jack?” Thanks for the entertainment of a lifetime.


    Dear Jack,
    Just finished watching ’12 Angry Men.’ One of my favorite movies. As with many posting here I grew up with you and Tony and the Odd Couple. I’ve already entered my information on the DVD poll and look forward to their release when that happens.

    I’ve had the privelege of seeing you & Tony on Broadway in ‘The Sunshine Boys’ and just recently, two weeks ago in the play ‘The Value of Names.’ You and the play were outstanding.

    I was disappointed though as they announced a book signing after the show and also announced there were no books on site for sale and I’d have to come back the next week. Unfortunately, I already had an out of town business commitment and couldn’t make it back.

    I’d love to get an autographed version of ‘Tony & Me,’ how can I go about getting that.

    Best Regards for a Great 2007!

    A Fan Forever, Skip


    Hi Mr. Klugman,
    No real question I guess. Just a comment on how much I have loved every work I’ve seen you do. One of my favorite movies is Twelve Angry Men. I was born in 1970, I grew up with the Odd Couple, absolutely couldn’t live without seeing Quincy, which thankfully I could rent on DVD to re-live it. I could even get an occasional “Jack Klugman fix” when my children went through their Space-Ghost Coast to Coast faze. And every year at this very time, Sci-Fi does their Twilight Zone marathon so I can see your episodes.

    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your style and your talent. You’ve certainly brought me pleasure and enjoyment through the years.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    Always a fan,



    Since I am not an experience blogger, just want to make sure you might read this….so I am giving it a second shot….Mr. Klugman – As promised, your picture is now sitting on my desk at my job in New Brunswick. (You were kind enough to pose with me at the book signing after “The Value of Names” at the George Street Playhouse in NB – you have created such a happy memory for me every time I see the theatre,(which is every day). I would love to e-mail it to you as a happy New Year reminder of the show. Let me know!

    By the way, I loved Tony and Me. I read it Thanksgiving night IN ONE SITTING. Could not put it down. Tony would have loved it – as well as the performance you gave in “The Value of Names” If you ever wonder if you still ‘got it’ as an actor, not to worry – your comedic timing is still better than ever – along with bringing out the best in your fellow actors. (They let me know that too – we talked a bit after the show).

    Anyway, my sincere thanks for a very special evening and a very special photo! (Blondes must bring out the best in you!)

    PS – Let’s go Yankees! Still would love a subway series though – nothing like it. Some of my favorite people are Mets fans!


    Dear Mr. Klugman,
    I was a young man when Quincy was first on the tv. I was so impressed with the world of forensics that I have been in the field as a forensic investigator for a large regional forensic center for 22 years. I have the same drive that you portrayed and you have always been my tv hero.

    I have met many top forensic names over the years including Dr. Henry Lee but you were my influence!

    I would be so honored if I could have an autographed picture of you to me. I am sure you get tons of requests like this all the time. To make it more interesting, I met a lady not long ago that works for another coroner’s office in my state. We were watching the original series of Quincy that I purchased and within a couple months we are engaged to be married and it was the dvd that brought us together!

    I can be easily verified who I am if you can email me and I would really love to put a Quincy picture in my office!

    God bless you and your family.


    What an entertainer! I recently purchased Quincey on DVD and am thoroughly enjoying reliving my youth. Your sense of humour and dry wit still shine with pure brilliance. Congratulations on lasting so long and creating such a positive effect on so many people.
    It must be weird having so many fans from all over the world and generations.

    PS Posted from Northern Ireland


    Mr. Klugman,

    I am a big fan of the “Odd Couple” and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to find old episodes on t.v. lately.

    The real reason I’m writing is to ask for information about the vocal therapy you received. I heard you mention it once during an interview. I have a cousin who is recovering from a serious illness and is unable to speak at this time. I’m trying to find some information that could help strenghthen his vocal cords.




    Dear Mr Klugman,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love you! I love Quincy and I taped as many episodes as I could. I didn’t appreciate them when I was a child. Silly me! I heard you were going to be a regular on Crossing Jordan and then I saw you in only one episode I think. Think you might ever do that?


    Love you lots!!

    Felicia ;0)


    Hi Jack,
    I’m a big fan and have one question that’s been bugging me for over 30 years. In the late 60’s or early 70’s my wife and I saw a TV movie mystery starring you and Tony Franciosa in a supporting role (who wound up dead in the movie) Every time my wife and II were sure we figured who dunnit, they wound up dead! I remember we were frozen with disbelief at every turn. Please Please tell me the name of this movie (I can’t find it on IMDB). Thanks,

    Barry Martin


    Dear Jack,

    One of my greatest disappointments in life is that I did not get to see you and Tony Randall together on Broadway before he passed. It makes me smile to know that my brother, who knew Tony did.

    What happened to the POPCORN VENTURE…I loved it…just another reason I have always been a fan of yours!!! The Odd Couple was without a doubt, the best & funniest show ever on TV, it had some of the most quotable lines ever.

    Your Fan,



    Hi Jack,

    First of all, thank you so much for all of the great work you’ve given me a chance to see over the years, including The Sunshine Boys on Broadway, The Odd Couple and Quincy M.E.

    I’m wondering if Universal Television has any plans to issue the balance of the shows you starred in on Quincy. This is such a great show.

    Also, what was it like to work with Lynette Mettey, your co-star who played Lee in the first two seasons. And was the food really any good at Danny’s ?

    Your fan,

    Vincent Degiorgio

    Vancouver, Canada


    Hello Mr Klugman! Just found your pages here, and searched out the site as am really loving the reruns of Quincy over here in England. First of all have to say thanks for such great entertainment over the years. When I was in school, I was only allowed to watch Quincy if I had finished all my homework. I got a sound educational background so thank you! I was delighted to be able to see you in London starring in ‘The Odd Couple’. Had front row seats and was mesmerised the whole way though. It was pure magic!

    Was just wondering if you may come back to England to tread the boards again in the future. It would be great to see you here!

    All the very best and glad you had a good Easter too.


    Hi Mr Klugman!
    I just wanted to say how much I admire you & your acting.

    Isn’t it your birthday coming up? Happy Birthday!!!

    Tilly x


    Hi Jack
    I have been watching reruns of Quincy in the UK while my broken leg heals. I’ve noticed a number of British sports cars in various episodes. Is this a coincidence or was someone on the series a collector?

    I enjoy your show.

    Best wishes,



    Hi Jack,

    I was curious…was your granddad named Gus (Gustav)?

    I’ve been told that I may be a distant cousin, but I always wanted to know for sure. πŸ™‚




    Best Wishes to you for a very happy day.

    Good Health and Good Fortune Always.

    Many thanks for a lifetime of very enjoyable viewing.

    Kindest Regards,

    Kathleen Swann.


    Hi Jack,
    Happy 85th Birthday! I just got “The Odd Couple” Season 1

    on DVD on Wednesday, it’s wonderful. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, I love it.

    I bought your book “Tony and Me” when it first came out. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it, then was sorry it was done. I pick up the book & read parts of it over again. The photos are great too.

    When will more seasons of “Quincy M.E.” be released on DVD?


    Patti G. :c)


    I have enjoyed watching Quincy on tv over the years. I love your acting.
    I have a new Christian boyfriend. He is real special. I was in an abusive relationship and lost some pictures you sent me a long time ago.

    Email me and I will send my address to recieve more pictures.

    I also have a double keyboard organ that I got from a freecycle website for free. I can play it. Thanks, Bernice


    happy late birthday!!

    i have got to tell you this!i am 37 years old and my only crush on an actor ever has been on you.i use to watch quincy when i was little all of the time and my freinds have always bugged me about it.i live in vancouver b.c. and you were on a talk show here a long time ago.well my boyfriend at the time called me from work and told me you were on the show.

    i just wanted to tell you.


    ani kyd


    Mr. Klugman—-

    My name is Bill Skelton. You knew my father of the same name. I was hoping to contact you. You know things from a time in his life no one else does. Sorry to post this on a baseball site.


    Bill Skelton II


    Mr. Klugman,

    I have written a letter that I would like to send to you. Will your publisher or agent forward mail to you? If so what address should I send it to? I have had difficulty finding one. It is ready and waiting to be mailed. I have been a fan for many years and I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your performances.




    Hello Jack. I have been going crazy for the last 25 years. Back in the early 70’s you co-hosted on the Mike Douglas Show. You offered up a recipe for Jack Klugman’s Lasagne. I had a copy of that and always made it, but somewhere it has been misplaced. Is there anyplace I can get a copy of that recipe? I’m sure everyone would like to try it if they haven’t already. It was the best lasagne I have ever made. Thank you!


    Dear Jack:

    I don’t have a question, my uncle was Beryl Necowitz, whom I loved very much. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve always wanted to let you know that I’ve named my son Benjamin after Beryl. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you, but Beryl would always talk about you as I was growing up. I also know that he and Ruth got such a kick out of visiting you on the set of Quincy. Take care and good luck on your upcoming performances later this year.

    Rochelle Roseman Frisby


    Dear Jack,
    On April 18, 1998, my family and I met you and Tony backstage following a performance of “The Sunshine Boys.” This meeting was arranged in advance by our then 12 year-old daughter, Lauren, who had written a letter asking to meet you. Both you and Tony were extremely kind and gracious – not surprising, but much appreciated nonetheless. The pictures we took will forever hang in our family room.

    God bless you, and thank you for your many years of outstanding work.

    -Dan Mahoney


    I would like a copy of your movie,”who says i can’t ride a rainbow?” made in 1971. produced by equin productions. I can’t find it in any format. do you have any suggestions. thank you


    I have been a great fan of yours since I was little watching the
    odd couple..That show helped me through some horrible times at home..they were

    like the fantasy parents..who were odd but ultimately resolved their differences.. I was sad when Tony Randall died I would so love to meet you…at a book signing are you doing any more?.I’m not

    crazy,I just love the contribution that you and Tony made to my life as well I know to the lives of many.

    With Love Jackie Taylor

    Any information in how to get in contact would be helpful.


    Dear Mr Klugman,
    I don’t have a question for you, i just so wanted to say that you are one of my favourite actors of all time. I watch Quincy reruns over and over and they are always really brilliant. Thank you for all the pleasure that you give. I live in Australia, so as I’m sure you know, you are a world wide hit!

    With love,

    Esther Robinson


    Dear Mr. Klugman,

    I am from Germany and a great fan of your work.

    It would be great, if I could get an autograph from you. Sadly I could not find out if the adress below is correct. I have got the following adress:

    Mr. Jack Klugman

    22548 Pacific Coast Hwy.


    CA 90265


    Would you please confirm me if it is correct?

    Yours sincerely



    Dear Jack, I am a true fan. I loved the odd couple, and thought Quinney was the Best! I am also a fan of match game, and very sorry to hear of your loss. God Bless! Mike C.


    Mr. Klugman:
    I am your biggest fan. The Odd Couple is a true classic and so are you. I’ve read your book and was deeply moved by your sharing of your relationship with Mr. Randall. What a blessing you were to each other. Thinking of you now due to your recent loss. It was a pleasure to witness you and your then wife together on-screen—all the best,



    Dear Jack,
    Really sorry to hear about Brett. I hope the kids are doing ok.

    We need to get together again and talk horses. How are the Unreal Zeal babies doing? Hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since we last met up.

    Sorry about posting this here, but I didn’t know where else to post it.

    Love always,

    Vikki in AZ (Jaklin’s other best fan)


    Mr. Klugman,

    I purchased your book this summer and spent a day reading it on the beach. It’s truly a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    As a fan of your theatre and television work, I would like to thank you for entertaining me for so many years.

    My sympathies on Brett’s passing.


    Steve in NJ


    Dear Mr. Klugman,
    As I watch Yankees/Indians Game 3 tonight, I just wanted to tell you, that since I received your beautiful book for my Birthday, I have been looking for a place to write to you. I have been wanting to tell you that I have been a fan of yours since I was four years old, staying up late at night with my father to watch you and Mr. Randall in the Odd Couple. Your show was our big thing, that we did together. I loved sharing that time with him, and spent it laughing every time. It was then, and is now my favorite TV show. The both of you were like Uncles to me, if I may say so. You are such a brilliant actor, and you both performed the kind of comedy that is sadly not on television anymore;which is why I am getting The Odd Couple on DVD. I must also tell you, that I could relate so greatly to what you wrote in your book, and I wept so much over the warmth, and sincerity in your words. My mother wants me to tell you that we too still miss Tony Randall greatly, and we think you are such a wonderful person for your continued work in cancer charities. God Bless & Much Love to You Sir, Ann Marie Uzzo & Mary Ann Uzzo


    My comment is that he is one of our favorite actors, period. However, I would like to ask a question. Is this the appropropriate area to ask?


    Mr. Klugman,
    I just finished reading your book, and I have to tell you that I was very moved.

    Mr. Randall and you are a very large part of the pop culture mιlange of my youth. ?The Odd Couple? is my second favorite show of all time. Like you, my #1 favorite is ?The Honeymooners.? (The third would be ?All In The Family.?)

    I imagined Mr. Randall nearly exactly like you described him. He always seemed and intelligent, sharp, and lovable guy. My one near brush with him was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was playing hooky from work one day- Oh, about 8 years ago- and I saw him standing looking at a work by Gerome, if I remember correctly. (Excellent taste, by the way.) I was so excited to see him, one of the idols of my youth, and wracked my brain trying to think of something witty to say to him.

    I thought it?d be funny if I introduced myself as Xelif Regnu, as Felix Unger did in the episode when he and Oscar were stuck in the subway. Then I decided that was obnoxious.

    Then I thought I?d just introduce myself, and thank him for giving me so much over the years.

    But, finally, I thought I?d give him what he probably most wanted at that moment, so I left him and Gerome to themselves..

    But I want to thank you, sir. For your work, and for making me laugh for so many years. I am 41 now, and I have two daughters who I am now introducing to the Odd Couple. I can?t tell you how jazzed I get when I see them laughing at the same shows I loved so much growing up. To see my 8 year old laughing at Oscar as he whacks Felix over the head in his sleep, or at Felix being upset because he doesn?t want to be buried next to a bowler who ?never threw a gutter ball? only makes me love the show more.

    God bless you and your family, Mr. Klugman. And thank you for sharing your friendship with Mr. Randall with me.

    …Steve Crespo


    I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since i first saw the Odd Couple when it was running on CBC. You and Tony Randall had such chemistry! Just recently I was listening to Gypsy: A Musical Fable (the original broadway album) and was plain shocked. Not only were you part of two of the greatest shows on Tv and developed your career on myriads of others, but you were a part of one of the greatest musicals in the history of broadway! I wonder what was that experience like? And What was Ethel Merman like? I also wanted to say thank you for all the laughs and tears and suspense that you have added to my days. It made a difference. Thank you


    Dear Jack…I was given a copy of Tony and Me for Christmas and devoured it in one day. Very down to earth and from the heart. I know you have much fine work to your credit, but I am most familiar with the Odd Couple having watched the reruns many times over and belly-laughed just as hard each time. It is exciting now that the series is coming out on dvd! I have many “favorite” episodes, but the few that stand out in my mind are the one you try to help Felix overcome his fear of flying and also the one where ‘both’ win the new car and try to share it. I’m laughing right now recalling them. I would like to say a great big thanks for your fantastic, unsurpassed portrayal of America’s most lovable slob!! Seems like a strange compliment to give someone, doesn’t it!? Love ya and I think you are great! Best in the coming new year!


    Hey Jack,

    Just purchased Odd Couple Season 2 for my husband for Christmas. We have talked about for so long to our two children, 11 and 12 years old. We are now able to share one of our favorite shows with them. It feels like we are passing on a legacy. Still waiting to watch the episode with Oscar unable to type his name (Oscar Madisox, Oscar Madisoy). I went on to be a fan of Quincy and just learned from the website of your book. Guess what I will be buying tomorrow? Best of health and luck in 2008.



    Sure hope Jack gets a chance to read this, and is able to respond.

    If so, I’d sure appreciate a word about his best memory of his ex-roomie, Charlie Bronson.

    I’m really curious to know what his work-out regimen was like. Let’s face it- the guy was a genetic wonder. But from what I’ve heard, he had a work-out that incorporated rope-climbing among other things.

    I don’t expect to look like him, or be as strong- but due to my respect for his physical prowess, I’d like to know what it was he actually did.

    Jack, if you can remember what it was, please respond by email or this web page.

    Thanks- and keep up the good work man- you’re a living legend, and an inspiration for the rest of us.

    Stay Well,

    Dennis M.


    Thankyou very much for this opportunity to send this message and question to Jack. I like many people, I’m 50 now, first got to see and enjoy you with Tony Randall in The Odd Couple. As a young person it was one of the TV shows I watched every week. However, my question is in regards to a film that you did in France with Henry Silva and Eddie Constatine, called “Hail Mafia”. I saw it some 8 or 7 years ago, and am trying to get in on VHS. I truly feel this is an undiscovered masterpiece. You also say in the movie ‘what would make you quit smoking’. I wonder what your memories are of making this film. thankyou very much.


    Wanted to thank you for the endless entertainment I get from watching the Odd Couple, I am only 42 but am a huge fan of the show, I am often found quoting lines and laugh every time …my kids are no strangers to the show (ages 16/13) We have even named our dog Quincy, need I say more. Looking foward to watching it on DVD!!!!

    Thanks again,

    Margaret (Harrison, NY)


    I really enjoyed your book! I now have the first 3 seasons of The Odd Couple on DVD and I’m loving it! I’d love to purchase a autographed photo of you from the Odd Couple! If there is any way to do this, please let me know! It would be a thrill! -Gary


    Dear Mr. Klugman,

    I want to thank you and the late Tony Randall (not forgetting Garry Marshall and all behind you), for all the wonderful laughs that you continue to provide, as I watch the Odd Couple on DVD. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Randall probably now about 10 years back at a Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) held 10k Children’s Diabetes walk. I got a picture with him too. I was too nervous and respectful of the event when I talked with him to thank both of you for such classic performances on what is truly my favorite show! I have your book Tony & Me and now see further into the “love and friendship and passion” you both share in your performances on that show and in your wonderful gift to Tony of your book! All the best health and longevity and happiness. Sincerely, Gary Keyak, Cokesbury(Lebanon 08833 zip), New Jersey.


    Dear Mr. Klugman–

    You probably don’t remember me, but I sure do miss seeing you out at the races. My father, Camilo Marin was a jock’s agent, and handled Pincay, Pineda, and Baeza for many years. And I remember vividly meeting you at the track during the time of Jacklin Klugman. Would it be possible to get an autographed

    photo? I own a bar and would love to have it on the wall.

    Sincerely, Camilo Marin, Jr.

    Beverly Hills, CA


    Dear Mr. Klugman,
    Memories…HBO recently ran “The Odd Couple: Together Again” To see Oscar and Felix together brought back great memories. As a cancer survivor, (thyroid cancer), I think the movie brought attention to a cancer that few people hear about…we hear about lung cancer and breast cancer but rarely about throat or other such cancers. Thanks

    Angie Quinn


    Dear Mr Klugman,

    I loved your Quincy series and have also heard that you have had some involvement in

    rare disorders. I have a rare disorder called TMAU. I’m a square peg in a round world, but thanks to wonderful people like you, one day I won’t have to live life trying to be invisiable.



    Mr Klugman,

    One more comment. If it is really true that you have an interest and a concern in those afflicted with rare diseases-would you give me advice on how to help and support others with TMAU? Would you be willing to help?

    Thanks again-you’re the best!


    HI Jack- Im 27 now and living on the west coast in canada. I became a Quincy fan, when you appeared on Crossing Jordan a few years ago. I bought the first DVD set of Quincy, and wonder if the other seasons will be released anytime soon. I know also that my mom liked The Odd Couple- ive only seen commercials for the show. Glad you are doing well healthwise these days. Too many good people are dying young…


    Hello Mr. Klugman, I love your performances as both Quincy and Oscar Madison. Good luck in your suit against NBC, you and James Garner have been ripped off enough. I read an article that quotes you as saying that Quincy is still playing in Germany so in case you didn’t know it still plays weekdays on KVOS Bellingham (WA-state)which broadcasts to viewers in both the U.S.A. and Canada. Give ’em ****, they surely deserve it. To not even give you a copy of your own contract shows them to be both unprofessional and unkind. We love you Jack !
    B.Nordman-Vancouver, B.C, Canada


    Hi Jack,
    I just read in today’s (Sun. March 30, 2008) New York Post of your lawsuit against NBC as well as the networks claim of losing $66 million on Quincy reruns in 2006.
    As a GE stockholder, (GE owns NBC) I recently received my annual stock report. This interesting news should make ANY shareholder want to know more about your case. I intend on reading my shareholder booklet tonight and encourage all the shareholders to do so as well. I hope NBC quickly corrects the financial aspect of this mindboggling amount of loss, honors your contract copy request and finaly compensates you ASAP.
    I also want to add, that I live on the 2600 block of S Third St. in Philadelphia. I am 46 and bought this childhood home from the estate of my deceased Grandmother. My Mother passed when I was 16 months old and my grandmother raised me after my Father left me in her care. I remember the “Old Timers” claiming that either you or a relative of yours lived at 2631 S. Third St. I know that Jack and Helen Moorley lived at that residence in the 60’s and that the property sold after the passings of Jack and years later Helen.
    Across the street, Murphy playground, the tree lined sidewalk and spiked iron fence surrounding the parks’ exterior still exists pretty much unchanged all these years.
    Helen and James Sullivan bought this house (2623 Third) in 1941 (my Grandparents) in case you were wondering.

    Good Luck Jack!!! South Philly still LOVES YA!!
    Sincerely Joseph Sullivan Jr.

  84. hoagiejo

    Good evening Mr. Klugman…

    First and foremost, thank you for sharing your talents, passion, and dedication that you have shown throughout your career. Like many, I am a huge fan of your work, especially “Quincy, M.E.” and “The Odd Couple”. I have seasons 1 & 2 of Quincy and have been waiting patiently for more seasons to be released. At 42 (and a native of Philly too), I grew up watching classic TV, like your shows, and M*A*S*H …and others that reflect well written scripts, content, and actors/actresses who were/are dedicated to their craft…when quality was the standard unlike many of the artificial, mindless, and forgettable shows of the present.

    What you are being subjected to by NBC is reprehensible. I hope you and your attorneys annihilate them in court. You’re an inspiration to many…keep fighting and may you obtain all that you seek.
    Be well and take good care.


    Dear Mr. Klugman

    I am such an obseesed fan of yours. I am twelve years old and I am a huge fan of your show with Mr. Randall “The Odd Couple”. Every singal night I leave one of the disc on repeat from the seasons one through three. I wrote you a letter April 3, 2008 and forgot to mension some thing to you. I wanted to ask you a question,”Where might I find the movie you were in with Tony Randall, “The Odd Couple Together Again movie” Thankyou for your time Mr. Klugman and you are a real inspiration to me, your a real fighter.

    From Chad Scanlon



    There’s not much I can say but your simply one of the best actors this country has ever seen. Your performances are packed with feeling and skillfully portrayed. A thespian in the true sense of the word.

    If anyone needed prove of that, all they need do is watch any episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ you’ve done. Your acting dwarfs any other on the screen.

    I hope you live another 100 years jack.

    Joe Vega
    Rego Park, NY

  87. amightywind

    Dear Jack,

    On 4.14.08 Prophet Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia had a dream of you. In the dream you had a Catholic book. She gave you one of her books of Prophecies and you said, ?OK, I?ll take a look at it.? Though we do not yet have a book published, (We are working on it.) we have many, many Prophetic Words and Teachings given to Prophet Elijah at I invite you to visit the Amightywind website and read the Prophecies and Teachings. You will not be diappointed! You might even be amazed at what you learn there! YAHUSHUA, JESUS, bless and guide you always.

    In YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH?S (JESUS CHRIST’S) love, Kathrynyah Momot


    Hi Jack –

    You are a long-time fan of my husband and myself. We really admire you and felt so bad when you contracted throat cancer. Well, now my husband has throat cancer and is having a really hard time. We notice you do not have a stoma and are able to talk. My husband does have a stoma (hole in the throat) and has to use an electrolarynx. Can you tell us why you do not have a stoma and are able to talk? I hope this is not too personal. My husband is devastated. Thank you.


    Dear Jack
    I’m wondering if you remember me from the days of Tommy Gullo and Ben Marino. Yes, it’s Maria. My son and I think and talk of you often and are happy that all is well with you. We really had some wonderful times in Saratoga and Floral Park. Stay well.


    Dear Mr Klugman,
    I am a big fan of The Twilight Zone series. I was wondering if you had any interesting stories or anecdotes about two of the episodes you were in: “In Praise of Pip” and “A Passage for Trumpet”.

    Thank You!


    Hello Mr Klugman,

    I have been a fan of your’s for many years now, ever since you played Oscar Madison opposite Tony Randall in the TV series ?The Odd Couple? in the late 1960?s (giving my age away now) I think everyone loved the character you played.
    I took my mother to see you and Tony Randall when you both appeared in the revival of ?The Odd Couple? stage play at the Theatre Royal, The Haymarket, London in 1996. It was great to see you both on the stage, along with several of our most loved actors Henry McGee, Trevor Bannister and Rodney Bewes. What a great Saturday afternoon’s entertainment, a most enjoyable matinee.
    We both loved the series and even more loved ?Quincy M E?

    I used to look forward to watching you on a Monday evening at about on ITV.(UK Television) In fact its still broadcast on a regular basis on ITV 3 in the UK, and I still enjoy watching you and Sam (Robert Ito) Dr R Astin (John S Ragin), even Lieut Monahan ( Garry Walberg)
    Not forgetting Danny ( Val Bisoglio) and Sgt Brill (Joseph Roman).

    What a great cast and a great TV series. Its still as entertaining, informative and enjoyable 25 years after it finished.

    You created a fantastic character, tenacious, hardworking, even bloody minded sometimes, but still a lovely man. I love the banta between you and Dr Astin and Lt. Monahan. You must have had a great time making ?Quincy M E?, lots of fun, but at the same time lots of hard work!
    I also like ?12 Angry men? what a cast and what a great film, it still stands up today, what brilliant drama.

    I wish you well and good health and will enjoy watching you in any new work that you do in the future!


    Anthony J McCabe

  92. wackypacks

    Mr. Klugman,
    First I must admit this is a tremendous honor to be able to send you a small note in regards to the impact you have left on me. I would like to say that you are an extremely gifted actor, and I am a huge fan of your work. Growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s I had an opportunity to watch a lot of television, and as most I was impacted by such shows as The Honeymooners, The Flitstones, Batman, All in the Family, etc. However I can safely state that the Odd Couple is probably my all time favorite. Whereas Jack Lemmon, and Walter Matthau created the Felix, and Oscar characters, it was truly Tony Randall and yourself who honed the parts you both played into true living legends. I will never forget classic lines such as ” It’s boneless chicken”. “How did it walk”?, or “Oscar Madisox”. “Oscar Madisoy”. And as Oscar was the consumate slob, I too paterned myself after Oscar, who was my boyhood idol. True story, just ask my wife.
    In closing I do want to wish you all the best for now and in the future. warmest regards Jerry Fowler.


    Dear Jack.
    I think your a fab actor and I adored your character “quincey” and although I have seen every episode I still get niggley if I miss one of the repeats that are shown on ITV here in the U.K! Odd couple was just as great. Please make my year by telling me where I would have to write to you to be able to get an autograph. I have never written away for a t.v stars autograph before, but I must say you are the best and only star on my list. Please make an avid viewer happy! All the very best to you. Emma Barsby.


    Thank you so much for providing some of the greatest moments in cinematic history. Your performance in “12 Angry Men” is one of the best in the history of acting. Likewise, in the Twilight Zone’s “In Praise Of Pip” you amaze me. You have a way of coneying emotion so well to the audience.

    Thank you kindly for some of the greatest moment.



    The year was 1961 and this boy took me to the Colonial Theater in Boston, Ma. He wanted to impress me with a broadway show.
    I was an Operating Room Nurse and had worked my buns off that day. I was very tired and thought I would fall asleep when the play opened. I had no idea what this young man was taking me to see. All I knew was that I had worked very hard that day and worried that I would fall asleep half way through the play.
    When the curtain went up, there were a few young people milling around the stage and I thought, holy c…., and my eyes started to close.
    Just then a woman came down the right asile, wearing a floppy hat and yelling, “Sing it out Louise!”
    I sat up, and was mesmerized for the entire show.
    Thank you all for giving me such a gift! I have loved Broadway and it’s music all my life, thanks to you all.
    I am the happiest when I am sitting in a theater seat.
    Thanks again you dear man
    Toni Thompson


    Mr. Klugman,
    Its my understanding that Francis Rudolph Klugman was my grandfather. My father Robert Bruce Klugman and you are cousins. I’m only looking for validity for family history.
    I hope you are doing well,

    Karl Adam Klugman


    Hello Mr Klugman!!

    I like everyone here, want to say I love all your works!! I have read 2 of your books and I am looking forward for the rest of the Quincy series to come out on DVD. I worked for a now defunct major airline, and when asked “whom I most wanted to meet” it was you!! Im sorry that I never had that chance. I have seen you at both racetracks in Queens NY, but I didnt want to disturb your privacy. I remember Jaqueline Klugman very well. I have had such a crush on you for years!!! I look forward to meeting you someday at a book signing and I would kill for an autographed picture!!

    Love always,

    Cathie S
    Howard Beach, NY


    Hey Jack! My husband is a HUGE Quincy fan! We have the first two seasons on DVD and go through cycles where we watch those, Columbo, Mary Tyler Moore and some of the other classic TV shows. We were just kids when they originally aired so many of those are brand new to us.

    We enjoy your work immensely! My husband has stated on more than one occasion that you are his favorite actor. With that said… I was wondering if you still give autographs. If so I would love to make that a Christmas gift for my husband. Please let me know if you would be able to do that and what I need to do on my end to make that happen. Best of luck to you!




    Hello Mr. Klugman. As a kid growing up in South Philadelphia I loved watching the Odd Couple. As a kid I was the only one allowed to play cards with the older guys on 9th and Siegal. I saw you several times on the Johnny Carson show and you talked about growing up playing unders with Charlie Crow who had a bad stutter. It was so great because I was good friends with Charlie Crow. After seeing your show at night I couldn’t wait to see Charlie the next day and talk about the Tonight show. It was really exciting when you were on Johnny Carson because you always talked about the guys you grew up with and they all hung around the corner I played cards at. Well you gave me wonderful years of great intertainment. I faithfully watched Quincy too. I wish you the best over the holidays and god bless you.


    Dear Mr. Klugman,
    I have never written any celebrity, however, today after receiving
    the completed DVD set of Quincy, M.E. I spent all day having a Quincy marathon. I STILL love every episode. I remember watching this when I was 10 or 12 years old absolutely riveted to the TV set. 30 years later it is no less entertaining. I do have to admit I laughed while you were doing “CPR” (I am an ER nurse).
    I decided to email because I wanted you to know how much I loved your show then AND today. You are a spectacular actor. I remember the first time I saw you perform in the Twilight Zone (I own that one too). My Bubby must have reminded us a thousand times she played bridge with your mother (her name is Patricia Rosenthal and she is 80+. Her husband Joe was a bookie and did time in Sing Sing!) I have a very good friend who is the chief homicide detective for San Diego where I live. He is a huge fan too. I gave him the Odd Couple DVD set for Christmas to complete his collection. If you aren’t too busy he would love an autographed picture (I feel like a teenager!). He isn’t the kind of man to ask anyone for an autograph. He once wrote Jerry Orbach a letter telling him how much he enjoyed his work and received a note with a photograph in response. It’s a prized possession. It’s kept next to his Babe Ruth ball. His name is Kevin Rooney. If your able to send one you can mail it to Linda Randall 7886 Normal Avenue, La Mesa CA 91941. I would love to include it with your new book I just got him. If you are to busy to respond, please know those who have loved your work continue to do so and hold you in the highest regard. God willing ,you are well. Happy Hanukkah, Linda Randall, RN


    I just want to thank you so very much!!!! My husband and I are such huge fans of the Odd Couple and were thrilled to be able to have purchased all of the seasons on dvd. We watch them all the time everynight !!!!! Recently on a trip to New York we went to the apartment building where Oscar and Felix lived and we asked the doorman if Oscar was home !!!!! LOL !!!!! Well maybe I will hear from you even if it’s just Hi.
    My husband and I just want to thank you for still making us laugh night after night there will never be another Oscar Madison and Felix Unger again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Fans,
    Rosa & Jr


    Hi Jack, me and my Girlfriend are big fans, And I mean BIG fans, Quincy is compulsory viewing in our flat in London, I knew she’d be the one for me after going out for less than a week she showed me photo of her and you together taken in a hotel in Chancery Lane in London ( you turned on the Xmas Lights), she said that they had announced a star from Hollywood would turn on the lights, for some reason she just knew it’d be you, After the announcement she made a quite unladylike sprint towards you to get a photo with :).

    Thanks and good health Dave


    Mr. Klugman, I can’t add anything more to the compliments that the rest of your great fans have left here – I agree with all of them!

    …but I did want to tell you …from noone special …just a former poor kid from Brooklyn, NY, who grew up with laughter in his life – largely due to your God-given talent and craft …Thank you!

    Hey, thought you should know too that although I have suffered through cancer too, God-has Blessed me with a great wife (from South Philly, who loves you too) and with 4 little boys, here in Las Vegas, NV – and guess what? we all watch Quincy on Netlfix, every night from Netflix (can you believe through their XBox360 game! – I sure hope NBC pays you every penny you deserve from your great work on that show)

    So now, you have another generation of little boys that will grow up being Jack Klugman fans …I can think of no better legacy than touching generations of people with your work!

    God Bless and dinner’s on me anytime ..if you and your wife ever come to Las Vegas! 😎


    Hello Mr Klugman,

    Just a few lines to wish you many happy returns of the day, Happy Birthday. I wish you a great day.

    May you also have health, love and happiness for that is all you need in life.

    best wishes on your birthday,

    God Bless,

    Anthony J McCabe


    After 36 years of trading Odd Couple quotes with a brother sister and cousin, I was cast to play Oscar Madison in “Oscar and Felix; a new look at the Odd Couple” This is my first lead and I wanted to say thank you to you for the inspiration, and for almost a lifetime of moments like “Bolivian Chickens? You should save it for me Felix I’ll stick in it your orange juice” Its only a small theater in NJ, but I am dedicating my performance in memory of Tony Randall and to you. I’ve already cautioned my fellow cast members that I may use “Too much Klugman” but they seem to think that’s as ok as I do.

    Ed Zuccarelli


    Hello Jack

    It has been a long time since we have seen one another.
    Not since the days of goodhill road and slumber corners
    as you know I have always been a fan from Twelve angry men
    gypsy quinct et all. Have spoken to David a few times since Bret died ,we did stay in touch. Well just wanted to say hello and still think about you often

    Mark C. Schlegel


    I recently found out about the sad fate of the innocent and beautiful actress Barbara Colby. I find it so horrible about what happened to her. She didn’t deserve to die like that! Even though so much time has gone by I believe that her murderers can still be exposed and possibly be brought to justice. I hope that you will join me and others to fervently petition God in humble prayer to bring this about even now.


    I would like to ask you to join me and others in petitioning in humble prayer the Lord God to finally expose and possibly bring to justice the two murderers of Barbara Colby. I recently discovered her sad fate and can not stop thinking about her. I am heartbroken and angry about what happened to this beautiful and innocent woman. I can’t help but believe her murder can still be solved after all this time. Please join us in petitioning the Lord God for resolution to this horrible injustice.


    Hi Jack,
    You may not remember me it’s Christos,who worked in the gym in London where you were training when you came to London to perform the stage play of The Odd Couple in 1996?. You so kindly offered tickets to myself and my then girlfriend and also her family to go and see the stage show .
    I don’t forget to this day what a wondeful time I had and being lucky enough to see the last performance of the show which was fantastic, I remember how elated you were when I met you after the show you were like a kid in a candy store and so you should have been it was an absolutely steller performance from both you and Tony, it is such ashamed that he is no longer with us.
    I tried to pop in and visit you in 1997 when I came to LA to visit but despite then having your contact details I couldn’t get in touch with you which was a pity.
    It was great to meet you and to see that you were so down to earth and friendly and so generous.
    I hope you and Peggy are keeping well and it would be great to meet up with you when I am next in LA, certainly if you and Peggy are in London at anytime I you would certainly be welcome to visit myself and my family at any time.
    Best Wishes to you and the Family
    Christos & Family


    Hi Mr. Klugman

    I’m so glad to see you have an official site! My husband and I have been fans of your for many years now. I wanted to mention that I bought your “Tony and Me: A Story Of Friendship” book on Amazon and I so thank you for writing it. Best friends are very special and I’m lucky enough to have one of those special BFFs too. Your did your BFF very proud and what a lovely tribute. I think you were more like brothers if you ask me. Well have a truly lovely summer!

    Rachel B in Canada


    Dear Jacob Joachim Klugman ‘jack’,

    I scared stiff what to say to you, Ive been a fan of yours since Quincy M.E. I’m trying to find all the dvds on all your shows and films at the moment. I hope you don’t take offence to the ‘Dear Jacob Joachim Klugman’ I just wanted to-well hopefully get your attention and in doing this i used your birth name.

    I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you Mr Klugman a great actor and entertainer. I look forward to your films that I’ve not seen yet and all those Odd Couple Shows.

    I wish i was in America and could come to one of your many book signing’s. sadly that’s not possible as i live in Bradford in England.

    Best Wishes to you and the Klugman family.

    Samantha Steel +6


    Dear Jack,
    In the UK they repeat Quincy every day, and I watch them all, even though I probably know the dialog by heart! Is that sad, or what.
    We are coming to America in October – any chance of shaking the hand of an “old friend”?
    Best wishes to you all – Alan Beber.


    Dear Mr. Klugman,
    Quincy, by far the best show ever to air on tv, and to live on your yacht, how cool, that was my dream to live a life like yours…anyhow one question has puzzled me for many, many years, what was the name of the yacht you lived on from the serices Quincy?
    very best reards,
    ps do you ever come to Canada, I would be honoured to meet you.


    You still look the same as your “Quincy” days, except maybe the hair’s a bit whiter! (I still can see your old show on OMNI 1 TV here in Canada.) You’re about 5 years older than my 82 year old father.


    hey jack- mr. klugman you came up in conversation last night in my house. we were talking about csi shows and their beginings your the quincy the begining of shows as emergency vs the new show trauma on nbc well any way just wanted to say hi and we all love you, anything in the works for you, will we see you in anything soon? hope so, well you take care of your self and god bless , kurt
    ps: we share the same birthday mine is 4-27-65 maybe we can grab a beer sometime, again take care jack

  116. ronbsea

    “Dr. Quincy”,
    I’ve seen you in primetime, I’ve seen you in re-runs, currently as I type in fact. I’ve seen you in the Odd Couple, and many other shows back in time. I’ve always enjoyed your work. I am a now retired Federal Agent, and attended autopsy’s and medical reviews myself. I always think of your great acting as a medical examiner. If you ever need a guide in Seattle/Tacoma, I’d be happy to take you to all the hospitals…or even to a Yankee’s / Seattle game. If not, I’ll always enjoy your work.


    Jack, I want to thank you and Tony for all of the good feelings and soul learning that you both gave us.
    Tony is always remembered in our hearts, what a gift to have had him as your friend.

    You, are a true genteman and quite a man that I will always aspire to model myself after in many ways.


    Mr. Klugman I’ve enjoyed your work all of my life. Recently I’ve started watching Quincy again. It’s great to see Quincy being introduced to a new generation. Your work is timeless. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


    Dear Mr.Klugman,
    In my opinion you are the most talented actor ever to hit the screen ..I love all of your work , especially quincy which i worship lol . I just thought id show my appreciation as im assured by all my friends that i must be one of your greatest fans . Your unique style and acting realism will never be matched or duplicated….this sir is what makes you a true legend . A very happy new year to you and your family. Bless you Jack


    After leaving NY 17 years ago, and moving around for career, it had been that long since seeing an Odd Couple episode. At 43, the memories priceless. As that had been shared with my 34 year old Colorado native wife, she purchased the entire series on DVD for my parents this past Christmas. Loving parents they are, sent them home with us. In the past week, with little time due to career and five daughters, the wife and I have watched a half season already. For a lifetime of laughter and memories, we thank you.


    Mr Klugman,

    I became a pathologist, thaks to you. I’m also a fan of everything you have ever done because of your character “Quincy” I love youre work as an actor and I owe my working career to you.
    I wish you all the luck in in the world

    Ian Hucker



    Mr Klugman,

    I am a university writing instructor and have referred much of your work to my students. They have learned much about critical thinking and academic argument from “Twelve Angry Men” as well as ethics and personal responsibility from your episodes of “The Twilight Zone” and “Quincy.” Your choice of work reflects depth and character, and the heart your put into your acting connects deeply with my students. I hope to meet you at a book signing soon to thank you in person.


    Keith Edwards


    Everytime I see you on Quincy my heart stops – you are the double of my late father. The resemblance is uncanny. My father’s father was so like you too. I’m from the Highlands of Scotland, although my dad was from fisher folk who no doubtedly had an influx of genes from various parts of Europe, such as Spain, Portugal and France. My dad went to France as a young man and he told me people automatically assumed he was french when they saw him. I would love to email you some photos – I’m sure you would be intrigued. Regards, Hayley Jack.


    Hi Jack:

    I met you at Del Mar one day before your Grey was popular. I was so pleased to find a well know person that was as crazy about horses as I am was & still are. Hell, I even slept with my Daughter’s Horse.

    You were talking to serveral men about (who knows)…
    All I said to you (after excusing the conversation interuption) – “Jack – is your Grey runing today?” You answered “No”. But as I walked away you shouted something about when he would be.

    It wasn’t long after that – You were on some talk show, and said: “Horse players don’t care about Movie Stars, all they want is a winner, and to talk about horses”.

    I laughed my butt off when I heard that statement over the Air. If it wasn’t me, it was someone like me that caused that answer.

    Congrats Jack, for being so down t earth with people, for such a long time. I’m in a wheel chair now for rest of my life, but I smile when I relive all the happy days I spent at the track, and especially for meeting such a honest man as you.

    My wife has since passed on to better things, so I just bet you also have a lot of fun reliving those racing days as i do.

    God Bless – and I will see ya in the next life. I know we will have a winner there. Best Regards……….

    Leroy Stanley



    I loved you in 12 Angry men and The Odd Couple. I’ve also been starting to re-watch old Quincy episodes thanks to Netflix. It definitely was 70’s(and early 80’s show) with all the “conspiracies”…lol πŸ™‚

    I think it would be cool if you had episode as a retired forensics expert on CSI Miami… πŸ™‚ (obviously since Quincy was on NBC and CSI is on NBC Quincy couldn’t be a character but it it would be a cool inside joke).

    It leads me to the you ever watch the CSI shows? DNA evidence etc has definitely changed since Quincy was on…. πŸ™‚


  126. vinzo

    Hello Mr. Klugman,
    I have recently read your book “Tony and Me” and really enjoyed it. The included dvd of outtakes was great,very funny, and we enjoyed it immensely. I have been prodded by my family to ask if there is any additional outtakes that may be available? We all loved the disc so much that we were hoping that more bloopers are out there somewhere. Thank you for choosing acting as a career, your book, and your time.



    Greetings Mr. Klugman:

    My wife Sally and I just wanted to take this opportunity to convey our great thanks and gratitude for what you and Tony Randall have given to our very sad world: the gift of laughter! There was something magical about both Tony and you together. In my opinion the both of you individually were wonderful, but together – a platinum treasure of joy. No matter how difficult our days at work are, we come home and together, late at night we watch and savor every second of “The Odd Couple” like a fine vintage wine. God was very good to you My Klugman in gifting you with so much talent – why I remember seeing you in old episodes of “The Twilight Zone”, you even did some spots on some religious programing -way back in the 1960’s – they were like 15 minute episodes, and they were broadcast on Sundays.

    Well, I guess that about says all I wanted to say. The gift to be able to make people laugh is a precious one, both you and Mr. Randall polished your craft to a brilliant state. My wife Sally and I will be forever grateful for you and Tony Randall.

    Take care of yourself,
    Your Admirers Chuck and Sally Haddad SFO’s
    (Were followers of St. Francis – he had a light heart too!)


    Dear Jack,
    Thanks so much for your contribution to film and TV over the years. 12 Angry Men is an Astonishing film which shows how our misperceptions are reinforced by prejudice and our peers. You may be pleased to know that the Oxford University business school uses the film to train future leaders. And I am still enjoying watching Quincy!

    Very best,


    Dear Jack,
    Thanks so much for your contribution to film and TV over the years. 12 Angry Men is an Astonishing film which shows how our misperceptions are reinforced by prejudice and our peers. You may be pleased to know that the Oxford University business school uses the film to train future leaders. And I am still enjoying watching Quincy!

    Very best,


    You’re my favorite American actor. I wish they’d used you in the film of “Gypsy” instead of Karl Malden. You’re so perfect in the role of the man who can’t live with the person he loves, but puts up, and Malden couldn’t cut it the way you can. Have you ever seen Britain’s Sidney James? He was like your Brit counterpart. The series “Hancock’s Half Hour” with James and Tony Hancock was a kind of Odd Couple prototype, though I doubt that either Simon or Marshall had seen It.


    Hi Jack, I wish I could meet you and take you out to yuor favorite restaurant to thank you for being so much a part of my childhood. You always amused and amazed me.

    ~ Thank you ~
    James Sanson


    Hi Jack,
    I grew up watching you on TV and listening to stories about you—as well as a few other famous Philadelphians—- from before you were famous ( you and my parents over 60 years ago). Anyway, alot of your work had some “social” aspect to it. I often wonder if you look back on some of the messages you tried to get across in these shows and see how much things have changed. For example, did you know that Colchine has now been approved by the FDA as a stand alone drug within the past year? And that we now sell wheat modified with it? (You had an entire episode of Quincy devoted to the harm it does) Amazing! I actually work in Health Care Quality and many of those shows from back then we prophetic in trends that DID come about. In fact I have used Quincy to educate people that some issues we think are brand new, such as Orphan Drugs, have been around a long long time……..

    But one of my favorites piece of your work is a show you did with Werner Klemperer(p?) where he played a priest and you a Jew in the camps. Actually it starts out with you going to buy a puppy and confronting a survivor who doesn’t like people because there is no good in the world. You show how you lost an eye, but the priest’s sacrifice allowed you to live. While it was a small show, and I haven’t seen it since 1982, when I was a kid in high school, the acting was first class–better than anything today. And it was that memorable that I can remember it almost 30 years later.

    Take care
    Bob Malin:


    I have a strong feeling that I saw Mr Jack Klugman today,Nov 10 walking out from a building along Wilshire Blvd,my heart skipped a few beats as I am a great big fan of Mr Klugman..I grew up watching almost every episode of the Odd Couple!!


    As a BIG fan I just have a couple of questions:

    Are we ever going to GET TO see you do another sitcom?

    Is your diet as weird as “Oscar’s” ex: I think I remembe a sadine sandwich with ketchup Mao & lime jelly (YUK!)

    Lastly please don’t let “Oscar” correct my writing…ha-ha.


    We know the good, we apprehend it clearly, but we cannot bring it to achievement. To presevere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man. Do you think so? jordan


    Mr Klugman I do love your work you have done on the TV, and movies for years and grew up with knowing or understanding your roles in the shows , movies Also to understand your craft of acting You are a good man with soul and a very good acter. I do not know the words to say. but saying ” Thank you” seems so short. But I did note many years ago you and I do have the same birthday. Apirl 27, Ms L Buckingham


    Hi Mr. Jack Klugman,
    You were friends with my Dad in South Philly, I would like to know if you remember him, his name is Valentino J. Rudi, he was an M.P. in the US Army, and a great boxer.
    Valentino Rudi Jr.

  138. Edward Montalvo

    Dear Mr. Klugman, I’m an artist who recently completed a wonderful Twilight Zone themed piece. I would love to show it to you and get your autograph on it if possible. You are prominently featured in the piece because it is based on the classic episode “A Game of Pool”. It shows Jonathan Winters with his hand on yours just after the coin flip. I’d love to show it to you. Kindest regards, Ed Montalvo (EEM)

  139. kate

    Dear Mr Klugman
    I grew up watching and loving Quincy M.E and always used to say to my dad, ”when i grow up I want to do what Quincy does!”, I didnt but I loved the show and still watch reruns from time to time
    I’m now discovering ”The Odd Couple’ on youtube, and loving every minute!
    My best wishes to you and thanks for providing me with some great childhood memories!
    kate, from cornwall, Uk

  140. Sam Hoffman

    Dear Mr. Klugman,
    I run a website called Old Jews Telling Jokes ( The concept is simple. People over 60, generally Jewish, tell jokes and we film them. Thus far we’ve had almost 17,000,000 views on the internet, as well as a book and dvd. We’re gearing up to do a celebrity shoot in New York in conjunction with the 92nd Street Y. It would be an honor to have you participate. Is there a way for me to contact you directly?
    Sam Hoffman

  141. Terri Zezza

    Dear Mr. Klugman:
    My husband and were wondering how you are doing? We watch the old Odd Couple shows on MEtv. Do you miss Tony Randall? I am a Eucharistic Minister and I go to Saint Anns novena every year in July would you want me to send you a prayer card from Saint Ann and place your name at the grotto? From your pictures you look great. Please email me back with an address if you want to do that for you. You aer always in our prayers.

  142. Bob

    OK, here come a strange question for you. I am looking for classic TV that is safe to watch with my younger children. My wife and I always enjoyed Quincy when it was on TV. I see it is on Netlfix available for streaming with my account. Was there swearing on Quincy?

  143. Lynn

    Dear Mr. Klugman,

    I just watched an episode of Quincy in which your character supported a woman who had the courage to report an incompetent doctor. When I watch that show, I think my inner child feels like you are the father I never had. My parents got divorced when I was three, and my father visited a few times a year, and took me on a couple trips, but the lack of a caring father in a child’s life makes a real negative difference. I think watching your show and how you treated women with respect was proably helaing for me. I think it still is. Thank you for making that character the way he was.

  144. Vicki Boston

    Happy Birthday Jack. 90 years OLD? Amazing.
    I loved you as Oscar Madison. And I never DREAMED I’d be playing THAT part in a scene in High School Drama.
    MANY HAPPY RETURN JACK! May ALL your WISHES for THIS Birthday come true.

  145. Doug Lukowski

    Hello Oscar!
    I’ve seen every TV episode of the Odd couple at least 100 times each… is such a classic american show. God Bless you and Mr Randall (who died today in 2004)

  146. Deborah

    Hi Jack, we are ejoying the Odd Couple her in Canada on Joy tv – it is on every night at 9:00 p.m. I just finished reading your book – Tony and Me – I also enjoyed your book very much and the memories of Tony Randall. You have had a wonderful career with Tony and your humour is timeless. Tonight I watched the episode about how you had to propose to Gloria for Felix because he could not talk. I never stopped laughing. Deborah

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